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Video marketing is an extremely effective form of communication that promotes your brand. Today, the most content is consumed on mobile devices. Every day we watch hundreds of short videos through apps and channels such as: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix, etc. Therefore, at the beginning of every new project (advertisement, corporate film, relation, music video) we create a media plan that includes all promotion channels.

defining distribution channels:

Ads and videos published in social media have the potential of being so-called viral videos, interesting enough for users to send it to others. That's why we want to include all distribution channels and sharing opportunities. Write which channels do you use (Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube), and we will offer you dedicated solutions.

Types of videos created for Social Media:

Full version film

Video created to be shared on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and IGTV.

Video teaser

duration: from 30 to 60 seconds

They encourage to watch the full version of the film. You can use them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Thet attract attention with dynamic editing, bright colours and amazing cinematography. They also have subtitles for people who watch without sound. The number of teasers depends on your campaign goals.


duration: up to 15 seconds

These kind of posts on Instagram or Facebook can attract a lot of audience to your brand and help you interact with potential clients.

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