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FASHION, CLASSIC and TIME - these are the lines that have been created in the brand new urban bike collection for the 2022 season. Choose a bike that can keep pace with you in the hustle and bustle of the city. When your every day is packed to the brim, you need a reliable means of transport. And if this machine, by the way, gives you plenty of satisfaction in use? We are in favour! The Romet 2022 TIME city bike collection focuses on efficiency, minimalism and functionality. The lightweight aluminium frames come with a lifetime guarantee. Speed, comfort and safety are unbeatable in the dynamically changing conditions of each day. 


Genre: online advertising

Duration: 3 x 30 seconds

Production: Poland 

Year of production: 2021 


Directed by: Konrad Sniady, Jakub Klawikowski

Cinematographer: Konrad Sniady, Jakub Klawikowski

Producer: Dorota Schleiss

Client: ROMET

Tell your story, introduce your services or products and effectively reach your customers, using film and video content. We have worked on international markets since 2011.

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