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In the winter of 1903, a group of figures painted by the master escapes from the paintings of Jacek Malczewski. The fauns, chimeras, drownies, mermaids and other fantastic creatures from under the famous painter's brush move to the area of zarzecza in contemporary Poland, to a land called Mszary. Nearby, a huge hydroelectric power station is about to go into operation. Water will flood thousands of hectares of land. From the children's home in the town destined to be flooded, a second escape sets off. This one is made up of children who are not reconciled to the decisions made by adults to separate them forever. Tobiasz, who also finds himself in the present day straight out of a painting by Malczewski, decides to join them and becomes the leader of the group. The boy is followed by Rafał, his guardian angel. The inhabitants of Mszary have to cope with an unexpected visit of juvenile strangers to their territory. Will they help them create the Republic of the Children they have dreamed of?


Feature film - full-length, 132 minutes  

Production: Poland 

Year of production: 2021


Director: Jan Jakub Kolski 

Cinematographer: Michal Pakulski

Producers: Jan Jakub Kolski, Aleksandra Michael, Agnieszka Janowska, Paweł Kosuń 

Second location production manager: Dorota Schleiss (ASF Studio) 

2nd unit cinematographer: Jakub Klawikowski (ASF Studio)

Making of: Jakub Klawikowski (ASF Studio), Piotr Marcjasz

Imię, Tytuł

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