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A young boy decides to cut himself off completely from his previous life. He leaves his family, friends and school. He abandons everything he has known and takes up residence on a small island in the lake. The protagonist is in search of space, unfettered expression, intimacy, simple 'just being'. In a youthful, idealistic rebellion, he dreams of rejecting all norms. He is tired of and sincerely uninterested in the internet, culture, education, religion and their institutions. He wants to not have to do anything and live his life by the lake. His romantic desire for wild freedom provokes strong reactions and emotions among those closest to him. At various stages of his retreat, he is visited by a succession of uninvited guests. His courage and non-conformism force him into difficult confrontations.

Feature film - short, 30 minutes  
Production: Poland 
Year of production: 2021


Director: Martyna Majewska 

Cinematographer: Konrad Śniady

Producer: Jacek Głomb (Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica)

Executive producer: Dorota Schleiss (ASF Studio)

Imię, Tytuł

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