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The year is 1999 and Sebastian is a rebellious primary school student with no desire to learn. Under threat of not making it to the next class, his history teacher gives him homework that will ultimately change his life. 


Today, Sebastian is over thirty years old and is passionate about the events that took place during World War II in Wrocław. He discovers the city's forgotten monuments after the war and draws an unusual map that shows the location of these sites. He takes some kind of souvenir from each site. One of the last monuments he goes to is Infantry Fort No. 6 in Polanowice. In the main bunker, Sebastian finds an old notebook. Unexpectedly, a teenager appears in his path, who is by no means enthralled by the Fort as he is. The situation is changed by the contents of the notebook, whose words take the action of the film into the past, reflecting a dramatic story that shows the last days of the lives of the German soldiers who were stationed at the Fort during World War II. We are transported to the set of one of the last battles fought under the walls of the city of Breslau between the Wehrmacht and the USSR troops, and the relationship between the contemporary protagonists changes dramatically. 


Feature film - short, 16 minutes 

Production: Poland 

Year of production: 2021


Director and screenplay: Mateusz Kowalski  

Cinematographer: Piotr Marcjasz  

Producer: Dorota Schleiss (ASF Studio), Piotr Marcjasz (Flying Carpet Studio)

Imię, Tytuł

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