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We are looking for projects in development or pre-production. So if you are developing a project for a feature film, series or documentary, we are open to cooperation. We are interested in topics close to people and sports, but we do not limit ourselves and are willing to take on other interesting topics. We also offer cooperation on a production service basis for foreign producers.
If you are looking for a producer/coordinator/production manager or location manager, please email Doroty directly:
If you are looking for a cameraman, seamstress and also a drone operator, get back to Jakub. This is his contact:

Every film is first born in the mind, and only later is it put on paper. Find a topic, gather information, analyze sources and write down the issues the film will be about.

Logline / synopsis / treatment:​logline / synopsis / treatment.
A general insight into the story helps you understand the idea and theme of the film. Send us materials describing your idea in brief.

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