czas trwania: określany indywidualnie, na podstawie założeń projektu

Szukamy projektów w fazie developmentu lub produkcji. Więc jeśli rozwijasz projekt filmu fabularnego, serialu czy dokumentu, jesteśmy otwarci na współpracę. Interesują nas tematy bliskie ludziom i sportowe, ale nie ograniczamy się i chętnie podejmujemy inne ciekawie przygotowane tematy.


Jeśli szukasz koordynatora/kierownika produkcji lub kierownika ds. lokacji, napisz bezpośrednio do Doroty:

Jakub realizuje zdjęcia jako operator, szwenkier a także operator drona. To kontakt do niego:


Every film is being born in someone's head and then it is written down. Find an interesting subject, gather information, analyze sources regarding the main theme of your project.

Logline / synopsis / treatment:​

General overview of the story helps to better understand your idea. Send us your summary of the project.


1. Working out strategy:

Together we will research different ways of financing your project and plan the whole production, including analysis of different ways of distribution. It determines our further work.

2. Script:

After analyzing the strategy we reach the point where an idea is being transformed into a script. We provide support for the crew, script doctors and industry specialists.

3. Cost estimate:

It is good to be aware of size of the project we undertake. We will evaluate budget and possibilities and then we adapt the budget to all the creators' decisions.

4. Press kit:

We prepare information package that can be presented both to the press and during the process of raising funds.

5. Production planning:

We transform the script into precise shot list and well-developed storyboards (drawings of frames), Then select actors and their look, as well as locations where the shoot can take place.

6. Gathering funds:

We take up the challenge and start the process of gathering funds necessary to produce a film.

7. Production:

We develop a schedule and set up production dates. Number of shooting days depends on the script (1 day = 12 hrs).

8. Postproduction:

We edit the footage, provide sound design, color grading, animations, subtitles, voiceover. We also adjust the film to various distribution standards (e.g. cinema, festival, TV).

9. Distribution:

Do you want to expand your channels of distribution? Let us know, we will help you with networking and finding potential buyers.

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