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A visual poem about two young people who, after a long separation, try to start the story of their love from the beginning. A story about the impossibility of communicating the truth of one's feelings to another person, showing the eternal longing of artists to fully express themselves through art. The film was shot in the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Fuerteventura, suspended outside of time and space. Its open-ended form and the metaphor of a failed etude allow for the ultimate intermingling of the created world with the documentary world. Formally inspired by Godard's autothematic cinema and Konwicki's film The Last Day of Summer.


Feature film - short, 18 minutes 

Production: Poland, Spain 

Year of production: 2021


Director: Martyna Majewska  

Cinematographer: Konrad Sniady

Producers: Dorota Schleiss (ASF Studio), Martyna Majewska, Konrad Sniady

Imię, Tytuł

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