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Imię, Tytuł

A series of online and social media adverts produced for Wrocław-based developer, Archicom.

Olimpia Port - a unique estate on the map of Wrocław, located on the Oder River. Here you live and relax.

Spectacular views. Landscape view of the river from your window or balcony. Riverside boulevard and marina. Beautiful surroundings. Green recreation areas 6 hectares of green space on a 30-acre estate. Well-maintained stragglers, unique green squares, numerous parks and plenty of recreation areas. Here you can enjoy playing with your pet, relaxing with your family or walking with friends.Beautiful surroundings.Contact with nature. Coffee by the river. Here you will feel like you are on holiday.  1.3 kilometres of cycle paths. Cycle to get in a good mood. Wind in your hair. A smile on your face. You can enjoy a ride whenever you want.


Genre: Online advertising

Duration: 1 minute / 15 seconds

Production: Poland

Year of production: 2021


Directed by: Martyna Majewska

Cinematographer: Kamil Tobiasz

Producer: Dorota Schleiss


Tell your story, introduce your services or products and effectively reach your customers, using film and video content. We have worked on international markets since 2011.

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