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Ievgen Gaponov


Initially he treated video creation as a hobby, but after some time, he decided to devote himself entirely to its development, and has been involved in audiovisual content for 3 years now. He realises both amateur and commercial projects, with a special interest in advertising and film analysis. Being on the film sets and in the recording studio he managed to get to know the industry inside out and gain experience. In addition to direct shooting and video editing, he focuses on motion design and computer graphics.

Imię, Tytuł

3 czerwca obchodzimy Światowy Dzień Roweru i w związku z tym KROSS postanowił uczcić video-manifestem rowerzystę, który drzemie w każdym z nas - Czas na E-MOCJE, CZAS NA E-BIKE, CZAS NA ROWER. Reklama zrealizowana w Warszawie.

Gatunek: reklama online

Czas trwania: 45 sekund

Produkcja: Polska

Rok produkcji: 2021


Reżyseria: Jakub Klawikowski

Autor zdjęć: Jakub Klawikowski

Producent: Dorota Schleiss, Jakub Klawikowski

Kierownik produkcji: Aleksander Złotorawski

Klient: KROSS

Tell your story, introduce your services or products and effectively reach your customers, using film and video content. We have worked on international markets since 2011.

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