czas trwania: od 15 sekund do 5 minut

cel biznesowy:

Im lepiej sprecyzowany cel, tym bardziej prawdopodobne jego osiągnięcie. Napisz nam co skłoniło Cię do zamówienia film korporacyjnego. Przykłady: zmiany wewnątrz organizacji, przyciągnięcie uwagi na rynku pracy, pozycjonowanie marki - np. podniesienie prestiżu.

Target group:

If something is for everyone, it is in fact for no one. Describe to us who are the people that you want to address the film (and your brand, product, service, etc.).

Creative concepts of the project:

The idea for a movie can come from you, so if you have any thought regarding project, you can describe it here. We can also offer you our own script based on previously conducted marketing research. We will do interviews with your employees, we will show your company in an attractive way - everything depends on your needs.

Defining distribution channels:

At the conceptual stage it is important to include distribution channels and the possibility of sharing your video in Social Media. Let us know which channels do you use (Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn) and we will offer you dedicated solutions.


1. Script brief:

At this stage, you will receive a short version of the script from us with inspirations and moodboards that can help visualize the final film. We will also explain various stages of production, determine whether we will need a set designer, stylist or makeup artist during the shoot.

2. Cost estimate:

Created individually, depending on the size of the project. We send the quote within 2-3 days after receiving the completed brief. We are open to negotiations as well as payment in 2-3 installments.

3. Production planning:

The devil is in the details! The script is transformed into a precise shot list and we well-developed storyboards (drawings of frames), we select people that we want to present in the film and their look, as well as locations where the shoot can take place.

4. Production:

We propose a work plan divided into shooting days and schedule adapted to availability of the people appearing in the film. The number of shooting days depends on the requirements of the script (1 shooting day = 12 hours). Then we set the date. On the set we provide a video preview during the recording of each shot.

5. Postproduction:

We will provide you with the first draft of the edit, to which you can apply 3 changes free of charge. After accepting the edit, we deal with color grading, sound design, animations, voiceover and subtitles. At this stage, you send us graphic materials that shoud appear in the film (logos, fonts, etc.).

6. Film and/or copyrights transfer

The pleasure is ours!

We would love to share the effects of this hard work on our Social Media channels.


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